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Relevant Publications

Book Chapters
2017. Rojas, G. Ilustraciones. In Alonso P, Bonomo U, Cortés M, Mondragón H. El Discurso De La Arquitectura Chilena Contemporanea. ARQ Ediciones, Santiago.
2021. Solari, F, Rojas G. Beware of Originals. In Makhloufi, L, Abdulrahman, A. Tangible and Intangible Heritage in the age of globalization. Open Books Publishers, Cambridge. To be published.

Journal References
2021. Rojas, G. From Survey to Representation. An experiential approach to the knowledge and portrayal of the built heritage, Mimesis n1. To be published.

2021. Mondragón H, Rojas G, Rodriguez, J. Bailar Encadenado, Summa+ n183. 104-123.
2017. Mondragón H, Rojas G. Referencias?, ARQ n.95. 146-149

Conference Papers
2021. Rojas, G. Attempts to perceive, know and represent the atmosphere of a place, Creativity & Cognition Conference.
2018. Rojas, G. Re-Founding the Industrial Past, The International Committee for Conservation of the Industrial Heritage Conference.
2018. Mondragón H, Rojas G. As pegada do Capital, V National Architecture and Urbanism Research and Graduate Association Symposium Brazil.
2017. Rojas, G. Hacia una aproximación objetual de la memoria. Objects and Material Culture Conference, University of Chile.

Creative Work

2015. Chilean Architecture Biennial. Centre of Educational Extension Project. Chile.
2012. Venice Biennale, David Chipperfield’s 40000 hours Pavilion. Architecture as History Collection. Italy.
2012. Chilean Architecture Biennial. The Centre of Music Project. Chile.
2012. ALVAR Prize for Heritage Projects Exhibition. The Centre of Music Project. Mexico.
2012. Intervalo Exhibition. The Rehabilitation of the La Compañía’s mill Project. Chile.

Project Reviews
2013. Mondragon, H. Reveal, Return, Accuse. The black plinth and the white balloon project. 54, El edificio de Docencia e Investigación Escuela de Arquitectura PUC, p.42.
2013. Diaz, F. The Rehabilitation of the La Compañía’s mill project. Anuario EARQ PUC, p.95.
2012. Diaz, F. The Music Center project. Anuario EARQ PUC, p.108.
2012.Mardones, P. Rosal Hotel project. Anuario EARQ PUC p.192

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